Departments and Curriculum

Elementary Department: Our Elementary department consists of Kindergarten – 5th grade.

Our primary focus points with this age group are:

  • to teach how Christ fits into the Gospel Story all throughout scripture from Genesis – Revelation.
  • to actively learn how to use God’s Word in daily living.
  • to provide an added voice (great Small Group Leaders) in a child’s life, reinforcing what the parents are teaching about Christ at home.

Preschool Department: Our Preschool department consists of Babies – Young 5-year-olds.

Our primary focus points with this age group are:

  • to provide a safe, caring and loving environment that fosters each child’s needs (physically, emotionally & spiritually)
  • to spend time praying over each little one and his/her family.
  • to begin to spark a curiosity in each child about the things of God.


The Gospel Project for Kids – 
We use the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum in our K – 5th graders each Sunday morning. We LOVE the Gospel Project for Kids because not only is it Christ-centered, it shows kids how Christ fits into the entire Gospel story from pre-creation to eternity. Each Sunday our kids dive into the Bible to see how the Gospel story relates to them. The Gospel Project for Kids is a kid-friendly way to travel chronologically through the Bible while keeping the Gospel message as the Center of everything.

Children Desiring God for Nursery and Toddlers –
We use the Children Desiring God curriculum for our Nursery-Preschool department. The church’s ministry to its youngest ones should be exciting and vital. It should be a launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next generation. A Sure Foundation: A Philosophy & Curriculum for Ministry to Infants & Toddlers, is designed to help you to transform your ministry to infants and toddlers into an integral beginning—a place of prayer where young children hear foundational Bible stories, learn simple truth statements, and begin to memorize Scripture verses.