Family Worship

Family Worship: 

We offer Family Worship the 4th Sunday of every month. That’s 12 times a year! This will be a time of a shared worship experience between parents and their children. Parents with children ages K-5th grade will attend the worship service together. Our children are members of the church body, too! So this is a special, sacred time of bonding through corporate worship and communion with our little ones. Through this time together in the service, children can gain a stronger understanding of what it looks like to worship Jesus Christ corporately, while at the same time allowing parents the opportunity to lead by example (Duet. 6; Psalm 78; Eph. 6.) We hope it to be a unique time where parents can model what it means to worship with joy, pray in reverence and come alongside the rest of the body in support and community. Our children will greatly benefit from being in the presence of God’s word and grace being shared and spoken over them, so to have them present in the midst of the congregation is both a blessing to them as well as to the Lord!