Family Apologetics Conference

IDENTIFY, STAND, OVERCOME . . .  THOSE ARE OUR GOALS for our families, but this conference is really for ANY Christ-follower who wants to see clearly some of the pressures of our current culture. We will look at two sides of the same coin – worldview and apologetics. How does a Christian worldview affect how we interact with our neighbors, friends and children? How can we be proactive in teaching Biblical concepts while living in a pluralistic society where so many differing worldviews are telling our children that Christianity is either false, or just “old school”?

With so many “hot topics” in our world today, what is the devoted Christ-following parent to do in order to bring up our kids in the way they should go? How do we handle the difficult questions that bombard our minds from every angle? What does the Bible say about the roles of men and women? How do we teach our children what is right in a world that calls us “judgmental”?

We will look at all of these questions and more on September 28th at Life Bible Church. There will be an adult track (Recommended for 16+) as well as a junior apologetics track which will be based on the Case for Christ for Kids.

Suggested contribution: Family Registration: $35 / Individual Adult: $10 

Give a check or electronic payment to Life Bible Church with “2019 Conference” on the memo when you register.

Schedule: Our Conference will begin at 8 AM with breakfast and end at 3 PM.

Volunteering info: We need volunteers of all ages. If you are interested in helping even for a short time, please check out this sign-up!

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