Hospitality is a key part of how we view our mission work at LBC. We want all who enter through the doors of our church to feel welcomed, accepted, and at home. Our hospitality team is a key way this happens. Some of the things they do on a Sunday morning are: greet guests, make coffee, help seat visitors, prepare communion, and a myriad of other impromptu needs that arise. If you are interested in serving once a month (or more!) on this team, please sign up for more info.

Hospitality also takes importance in how we view our greatest mission field in what we call, hospitality evangelism. This is where we encourage the lost to, "come & see" what Jesus is and has done in our own lives as we open up our homes & lives to others. To hear more about the practicalities of hospitality evangelism, listen to Pastor Joel's sermon series, Hospitality: Making Home A Haven