Our Core Values

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If I have a problem with you, I will talk TO you, not ABOUT you. We will not tolerate gossip because our relationships are too important.

Equipping & Refreshing the Saints

We are laser-focused on equipping believers because the Church in the world has to be strong and healthy to reach others. We also realize that many need to rest in a green pasture to regain their health and strength before they can serve again.

Life-Giving Teaching & Worship

We want there to be a transfer of spiritual life in every service, every meeting, every place the Saints gather. In short, no dead meetings!

Fellowship with God

We meet with God as a first priority in all of life. Because He is first, everything else falls more naturally into its proper place.

Balancing Sound Doctrine & Spiritual Life

We will embrace good, Biblical teaching while we hold onto the life of the Holy Spirit. We will not choose one or the other, but we will pursue them both together.

Calling the Lost to Come & See

We are committed to opening up our lives and inviting others in to see what Jesus has done for our souls. We open our homes, our tables, our hearts, and our mouths.