At Life Bible Church, we believe that worship is the constant of the Sunday service. The fellowship is worship, the singing is worship, communion and baptisms are acts of worship, testimonies are worship, and the message is worship. You get the idea. We were made for God, and this is a time we set apart to be with each other in His powerful presence, so not a moment should be wasted.

Since music is a big part of our expression of worship (and people really like to know what to expect), let’s say a little about that part of the worship service. The worship music at LBC is contemporary, carefully selected, and brought with sincerity of heart. We know this because we have set the heart of the worship leaders above musical acumen as a matter of priority. Worshipers should lead the worship. We do seek to play skillfully as the psalmist said, though, because we are commissioned by God’s Word to do so. “Make His praise glorious.” We labor toward this end day in and day out.